Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I've added a nifty little search bar at the bottom of the page that will get you Magic related results if you search for say, giant growth, instead of whatever the hell an unfiltered search engine would get from that kind of inquiry.


Apologies for a late post

I haven't finished my story, been too busy playing magic. There is a tournament next week for half a CASE of magic cards...thats 3 boxes of boosters, thats 108 boosters, or 1620 cards!!!!! The best part is the tournament is free to enter. After hearing this I decided to do some checking online and found this site:

http://www.coolstuffinc.com/ ,

cheapest boosters I have ever found, by far. 2.60 a pack, and their prices on singles are awesome too, most commons and uncommons are buy one get 3 free!!!

Needlesstosay I ordered a bunch of cards to prep for this tournament. And it only cost me 30 dollars for over 200 cards. That's including shipping too. This tournament is the 11th, so I have some time for the cards to arrive. Would be terrible if they didn't arrive in time for me to test some of them out and see how they perform in a few games before the tourney.

Updates soon. Later all

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rediscovering Magic the Gathering

I'm new to blogging so I apologize ahead of time for sounding inexperienced. I don't know what kind of format is most appropriate...so I suppose I'll just ramble.

A couple of weeks ago, I was bored and looking through some xbox live arcade games and found the "Duels of the Planeswalkers". If you aren't familiar with it, its basically "Magic: The Gathering" in video game form. It lacks customability but makes up for it in lots of different decks to choose from. I had played Magic back in middle school, but never really played with anyone but my younger brother and a few friends. My 500+ cards had been in storage since the 8th grade.

This arcade game, however, had me hooked. I was playing it more often than the 60 dollar Red Dead Redemption I bought only a week ago. The mix of strategy and reflex kept it fun, and the puzzle modes in which you have to defeat your opponent in only ONE turn, had me spending hours on the harder puzzles.

One of my friends came over while I was stuck on the last puzzle, and asked what I was doing. "Playing magic, you wanna try? It's got a coop mode." He agreed, though he never even played a card game in his life, let alone Magic, and we played our first Two Headed Giant game. I used a green-black elf deck and he used the mono green, at my recommendation. We started out alright, getting alot of weaker creatures out fairly quickly, but our opponents, playing red mono and white mono, kept  blasting, or healing through our creature damage, and their flyers were whittling us down while their artifacts kept them up over 20 life.

My friend was holding onto an overrun, but with less than 3 creatures it wouldn't do much to our opponents' beefy health pool. Then, he drew his deck's bomb: Howl of the Night Pack. This card basically summons a wolf for every Forest card one controls. My friend had 10 wolves suddenly appear, giving us a total of 15 creatures to their 5. Our opponents tried to defend themselves, and it may have worked if those wolves didn't get beefed up next turn by my friend's Overrun. We won 11 to NEGATIVE 25. After such an exciting game, my friend decided to go home immediately and download the arcade game. We played online every day after that for almost a week.

All this magic encouraged me to look for my old cards. After a whole morning wasted looking through the storage shed, disappointed and beginning to think I had lost them, I called my brother to see if he had any idea where they would be. He told me to look in the closets. Sure enough, they were in a box with various loose cables and cords. My cards were still in good shape, and I started to jones for a good ol' magic game. I called up my friend to see if he wanted to really play magic, and he agreed.
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