Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Apologies for a late post

I haven't finished my story, been too busy playing magic. There is a tournament next week for half a CASE of magic cards...thats 3 boxes of boosters, thats 108 boosters, or 1620 cards!!!!! The best part is the tournament is free to enter. After hearing this I decided to do some checking online and found this site:

http://www.coolstuffinc.com/ ,

cheapest boosters I have ever found, by far. 2.60 a pack, and their prices on singles are awesome too, most commons and uncommons are buy one get 3 free!!!

Needlesstosay I ordered a bunch of cards to prep for this tournament. And it only cost me 30 dollars for over 200 cards. That's including shipping too. This tournament is the 11th, so I have some time for the cards to arrive. Would be terrible if they didn't arrive in time for me to test some of them out and see how they perform in a few games before the tourney.

Updates soon. Later all

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